When to Call: Never hesitate to call our office at 842-5902 or our answering service at 857-3895 if you feel you are having a problem.

This is a brief listing of the common concerns that our pregnant patients call us about. Purchase a few pregnancy references like the book, What To Expect When You’re Expecting. Remember, If you are ever concerned that you are experiencing a severe problem, call our office or answering service immediately, go to labor or delivery, or call 911.


If you experience 5 or more contractions prior to 35 weeks, drink a quart of fluid and take 2 extra strength Tylenol or 3 regular Tylenol (1 gram) and wait 30 minutes. If your contractions do not decrease in frequency, then call us. After 35 weeks, your contractions need to be 5 minutes apart and regular, over at least 1 hour prior to calling our office or answering service.

Fetal Movement

fetal movement is very inconsistent prior to 24 weeks. If you are greater than 24 weeks and concerned that your baby is not moving enough, drink a glass of juice, chocolate milk or a Coke and lay on the couch on your left side. If you do not experience 5 movements in 1 hour then call the office or the answering service. We will probably invite you in to be monitored.

Visits to Triage

Call our answering service at 857-3895 or our office at 842-5902 before coming to the hospital, if possible. One of our doctors will call you back as soon as possible and answer all your questions and concerns. By talking to one of the doctors, you can decrease the number of false alarms and unneeded trips to triage.


If you have bleeding in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, there is no intervention that we can offer you unless the bleeding becomes heavier than a menstrual period. Please call the office so we can schedule an ultrasound. Spotting after intercourse is common. If this occurs, refrain from intercourse until you contact your physician. If the bleeding becomes heavy, call us. We will recommend that you go to the hospital to be evaluated.


It is important to contact us during office hours or prior to the weekend. The on-call doctors are very busy and usually do not refill birth control or routine medications from 5pm - 7am. If possible, try to call in for routine medication needs Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm.

Headaches, Abdomen pain, Blurred Vision

Although these are symptoms of toxemia or pre-eclampsia, most patients with these symptoms do not have a serious problem. If your headache resolves with 1000mg of Tylenol, your abdomen pain resolves with an antacid or a mild laxative when you are constipated and your blurred vision resolves after you have visited the eye doctor or after a nights sleep then you are OK. If these symptoms do not resolve following the above measures then please call our office.


A very common symptom during pregnancy, dizziness is seldom associated with a significant problem. If this symptom becomes debilitating, then call our office so we can refer you to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

Nausea/ Vomiting

Usually a problem of the 1st trimester (12 weeks) of pregnancy, these symptoms can be safely treated. If your symptoms are not severe, try vitamin B6 25mg every 6 hours, a motion sickness band, Emetrol (a non-prescription product), or lemon juice. If you feel you are vomiting too frequently, we can prescribe anti-nausea drug which are safe in pregnancy but will make you very sleepy. With severe symptoms, we may need to bring you into the hospital for intravenous hydration and medications.